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Be it a fleet, building complex, industrial production or the flow of commodities. With “One Vision Report” you can structure, visualize and analyse all the complex planning tasks from a single ship’s cabin to an entire Airbus. To give you an impression of the versatility of “One Vision Report”, the following is an example of the scope available to an international shipowning company.

The Dashboard

In order to get an overview on current status of all your projects at any time, just have a look at the dashboard and see all open issues at once.
„One Vision Report“ visualizes the progress of all tasks in order to ease your management.

Using the export function the status can be saved as Microsoft Project File. This file can be archived or send to other people involved in the project.

There is also an import function to be used to easily create projects and tasks in „One Vision Report“.

Please be aware that currently only the Microsoft Project File Format is supported.

Starting from a project card shown on the dashboard you have access to all other functions of „One Vision Report“.


Each project may have innumerable tasks. „One Vision Report“ enables you to have a quick overview of every single task with its individual status within the „Tasks“ function. The system clearly visualizes the status from given data.

With a simple click on a task, you will get a detailed view and see the progress of each subtask. So you are aware on any details within all project phases.

The Activity Log

Each change during the project phases is documented. All working stages are logged, so every user is able to get information of any other work step.

The log entries show time, user, type of action and location in order to provide a clearly structured protocol.

The Task-Chart

„One Vision Report“ visualizes the overall status of your project by providing an easy to understand chart. Check the time axis and the corresponding project status in order to see if your project is on time.

Use mouse-over function to get information about every single date.

The Ressource Chart

Grouped by resource you can easliy see the performance of each division. This will help to see who needs additional support. By simply clicking on a specific chart area, „One Vision Report“ shows the current status for that division, the originally scheduled project plan and the currently expected timing.

The chart is also useful to get a field report afterwards and measure perfomances. The results can be used for planning future projects and optimize on workforce, supplier or other external costs.

The Heatmap

„One Vision Report“ visualizes a summary of huge subareas of your project. This enables you to see the current status of all tasks of certain areas of the project.

By simply clicking the subarea you get details about the project structure within that subarea.

Therefor „One Vision Report“ is your optimal tool in every way to give you a detailed overview on any kind of question arising from project management and controlling.

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